Puppy Breaks & Senior Dog Care

puppyRates: Starting at $13.00/visit

We know that often times the dogs that need the most care are those who are new puppies or seniors. We began offering a puppy and senior services as we would continually receive requests from clients whose dogs didn't necessarily need a full walk, but just a quick break outside during the day.

This service is ideal for clients who:

  • Have just gotten a new puppy and are working on housebreaking.
  • Have a dog who is on a medication and they need to go outside more often.
  • Are owners of a senior dog who may be having a difficult time holding it in.

Unlike our traditional dog walking service, our puppy break service lasts only about 15-20 minutes--just long enough to get your dog outside for a quick break. We normally don't take your dog much further than the front or back yard, but he is let out long enough so that he doesn't have to hold it in until you get home.

And just like our dog walking service, your puppy or senior will get a water refresh, treat, and special belly rub.